Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

CRE // Tech 2016 Year End Report

Got the following email from Michael Beckerman - CEO of The News Funnel. Great information in this report. Check it out! - Jerry

"On behalf of our entire team at The News Funnel, and our newly expanded team from CRE // Tech, it’s a great honor to present our annual 2016 Year End CRE // Tech Report.

A HUGE thank you to all that helped put this Report together, including our teams at CRE // Tech and The News Funnel, all of the participants and the enormous team of volunteers throughout the industry. Since we acquired CRE // Tech, I have been truly amazed and humbled at the extraordinary level of cooperation, teamwork and leadership demonstrated by so many who are involved. 

Download the report here. 

I sincerely hope you find this Report insightful. Within it, you will find an analysis of the CRE tech sector, significant trends that are impacting the industry, data and activity surrounding funding, and a directory containing information on more than 60 of the industry's hottest tech companies. 

I appreciate your continued support of CRE // Tech and I look forward to any feedback you have. Our goal remains to be THE platform that sparks innovation, dialogue and connectivity in the CRE tech sector overall."